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the only war that matters is the war against the imagination

hey kids i'm wondering if anyone else here likes diane di prima the writer. she is my favorite beat writer; although i am not very well read on her (i have about 6 1960s-ish poems of hers in an anthology and then i have LOBA which is one of her more recent things, and which confused me as it was all about alchemy and magick and not like zen poetry at all, which was what i was expecting) i have read it well and i love her. she saved me in a lot of ways (whatever kurt cobain didn't do) and i've actually been thinking about writing her a letter... she still lives in san francisco, n'est-ce pas?

favorite poems:
to the unnamed buddhist nun who burned herself to death on the night of june 3, 1966
death sunyata chant: a rite for passing over
the loba in flanders
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i enjoyed di prima

i haven't read her in
a while, or much of her
work. but i remember that
i liked it.

i've been reading corso
you should check out her memoirs, Recollections of My Life As a Woman. fantastic book.
awwwwesome, i now have something for my birthday list (cause dilly got no money fo' books)