ydsed (ydsed) wrote in onthebus,

65 Barracuda Fro Sale

I have to much "stuff" !!! Something has to go and I've decided to sell one of my 60's cars.So, here is an ad for it.I'm selling my 65 cuda after 18 years of owning it. I have to
lighten up and the new 66 vert is going to take it's place.The car
has always been garaged since I've owned it,well
maintained,and driven. It is ready to be restored but is usable as
is. It has a new clutch,all the brake lines have been
replaced,dual chamber master cyl,good front end,decent
tires,recent exhaust, it's clean ,presentable ,and can be driven
anywhere. There are pictures of it at this link
http://photobucket.com/albums/v614/ydsed/My%20Valiants/ It's
the red one with the red interior. The first 4500. takes her
home.The car is in NY on Long Island
This is the perfect car for someone into the 60's,and it's good on gas too!
I really hate to let it go but,I have to many cars and not enough space and time.I've decided to get down to 2 nice cars that go to shows and 2 daily drivers.At least that is managable but 6 cars and a truck is a burden so the one I've had the longest goes first.
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